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Hey Guys, so common, how many times have you been to a pub garden, and your local high street to check it still exists and people are still about!

How exciting that we can finally start possibly thinking a bit further then the end of the week, and plan for the mini adventures or surprise reveals?!

With even the possibility of having a holiday this year (be that abroad or stay cation).

I have a few new cards for the occasion and also don't forget Father's Day is coming soon, and I have recently just added a new page for the designs to start going up!

These scratch off boarding pass flight ticket cards, have been so popular since the news about holidays - they are perfect TBC or when its safe to go holiday cards!

Recently updated is the alpaca my bags card. With a new hand drawn image by your truly!

They are so much more fun and cuter. Perfect to set the mood for your fun adventure awaiting!

Custom Orders - Don't forget that I am always open for projects or ideas with anything design related. Whether this is wedding stationary or a random card idea you have no idea where to source! Just drop me a message and lets work something out. I love a challenge!

Father's day cards are beginning to start going up for the special daddies out there, Squidgemakes are trying to be inclusive of all families. Whether you are lucky to have two special dads, an amazing stepdad or even just a dad that deserves a special surprise (or not haha!)

Squidgemakes has been truly amazing the last 12 months, and I'm really hoping to again push this further this year. Everyone's support has been so appreciated. With every order your helping to build a little dream business... I put all my love and dedication into making every order to make it feel as special as you intended, as at the end of the day we are all creating special memories.

Huge hugs as always Squidge



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