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Christmas in August!

Some say its too early and others already have their Christmas shopping done ( for the next 20 years haha!)

Christmas is always super busy for me - for which i'm entirely grateful! But this means everything needs to be planned out as well as possible. The first Christmas was a complete shock - this is when Squidgemakes was (not very elegantly) 'born'. That first year was a total surprise, and basically knocked my socks off. Many Tears was shed, many lessons learned.

Since then I have tried to make sure everything is planned for - stock - disasters - orders etc.

Therefore Christmas now starts for me in June.... thinking of the new fun way to use the scratchcards - or whole new ideas in general.

Let me introduce some of my new ideas this year and how they were made.

Foil Christmas Stickers

I have been wanting to make these for YEARS! every year I would be too late off the mark - but this year I was determined to get these made. The base design was hand drawn and then edited with Photoshop.

The Design I wanted was simple and fun, perfect for kids and adults alike.

This was then made up into the stamping plates and my little stamp was born!

I have sourced some gorgeous silver and gold foil stickers that can be hand stamped ... these are perfect for gift decorations, letters from Santa, your own Christmas diy projects. I did not want to keep them just for my own cars but to offer them as stickers others can use too!

Snow Storm Cards

These cards were created from a fun thought of offering a snow storm - and sending one! Who does not secretly dream of a white Christmas once in a while, and well were frankly lucky if its not raining! But this year bring a snow storm to a friend or family member with their own personal snow storm card!

The sachet of instant snow is a little fun element of using the card more then just a card - great for kids, or snow lovers!

what else we got this year ...... oh yeah the crackers are BACK!

Christmas Diy Crackers!

These were a limited run last year and BOY! were they popular. These cute little crackers have had a small update of a printed card insert. These are fab - you can hide them in the Christmas tree until Christmas morning - in plain view!... or how about on the dinner table for an extra special surprise!

The crackers are adorably fun and perfect for kids and adults alike!

Favourites !

In addition I have all the favourites of scratch off cards - Star Christmas Scratch card

or how about the Scratch off Christmas Bauble which also comes in a blue colour too!

The Christmas Sloth Card is such a cutie ... and if you can't decide what card to choose these Santa scratch off cards and Snowman scratch off cards are always amazing easy choices!

These is still a few more ideas coming this way - so keep your eye peeled!

but styay safe guys ad huge hugs

Squidge aka Jen x

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