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About SquidgeMakes

SquidgeMakes specialises in offering handmade personalised scratch
off and handmade greeting cards.

Revealing surprises, gifts and messages that you can't wrap!


All designs are hand drawn digitally

by me Squidge aka Jen!


All the text on the card can be changed to suit you.


A fun quirky alternative to a regular card you find on the high street.


Squidge - Jen is a Graphic designer in London, UK.


Each card creates a fantastic memento for the occasion


Some cards are DIY where you hand write your own message


I also love the challenge of

creating something unique as well,

so contact me if you have any

unusual ideas or something

specific you need, 

I would love to help!

squidgemakes meet the maker

How to Order 

how to make an order on squidgemakes

check the store
for your
perfect card

Customise your card and complete the options

a Mock up of your
card is sent to your email

Card Designs are hand drawn by me, Squidge! 

The Mock-ups allow you to see how the card will look before its scratched*

Messages are copied directly please ensure all text, spellings and dates are correct

NO EDITS are made after mock up has been submitted unless there has been an issue on my behalf.

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